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Road 13 Honest John's Rosé 2021

Time Waits For No One Monastrell

Road 13 Honest John's Rosé 2021

If you're looking for an easy drinking BC rosé, look no further than this one from Road 13 vineyards out of the Okanagan. They blend a variety of aromatic, fruit forward grape varietals, including gamay, riesling, bacchus and kerner to create this palate pleasing wine.

Pale salmon in colour, medium - body and medium - acidity. Notes of bing cherry, watermelon, strawberry and grapefruit dominate. There is a smattering of bubblegum too. Just off dry but well balanced, this wine is not overly complex, but it doesn't need to be. Sometimes you want something to enjoy lakeside in the Okanagan on a hot day. Wine, like anything else, doesn't always have to be complicated... it's just meant to be enjoyed.

I wouldn't go crazy pairing this wine, I'd enjoy it in it's simplicity. But if you're BBQing chicken or salmon, grilling up some corn on the cob and making a quick salad, twist the top off of this wine and enjoy.

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