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Lakeside Cellars Bubbles 2021

Lakeside Cellars Bubbles 2021

Hard to believe but this week I reached 500 followers on Instagram. I know there's people out there celebrating the fact that they have 1 million or more, but even reaching 500 that care about what I have to say about food or wine, feels really.... incredible. Not sure how else to put it. Thanks to anyone and everyone that reads what I'm putting out into the world, that is following along and especially to those who comment, or ask questions or share. It's such a fun project, I wish I made more time for it!

Anyways, to celebrate 500, (because why not?) we opened some bubbles and went with , literally, Bubbles from Lakeside Cellars in Osoyoos. This wine is made from Sauvignon Blanc, grown on the oldest vines in their vineyard at 23 years of age. The East Bench of Osoyoos is mineral rich, and the age of the vine means deep root integration in the soil, contributing complexity and mineral undertones to the wine. This isn't your average sparkling, it's got complexity and shines.

Pale lemon yellow, this medium bodied sparkling is under crown cap, which means it's not made in the traditional method, but with carbonation that highlights the integrity of the fruit. The nose is ripe with citrus, green apple, green grass and slight undertones of flint and dill. Fruit dominates on the palate with juicy golden delicious apple, Meyer lemon, fragrant lime zest, underripe pear and grassy notes. The mousse is lively with balanced acidity that makes your mouth water.

Does it need a pairing? No. But do I love food? Yes. So I'm going to say, open up a bag of Lay's Original chips (salty, oily heaven) and pop a bottle of these Bubbles. Or bring it to appy night with some chilled prawns and a green goddess dip. You won't be disappointed.

Tag @crushfoodandwine on Instagram if you give it a try!




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