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Lunessence Riesling Brut 2020

Lunessence Riesling Brut 2020

A couple week’s ago, while scrolling Instagram, I found this video of a dish I had never seen before: Turkish Eggs. Basically, it’s soft poached eggs nestled in a bed of creamy, garlicky Greek yogurt and topped with a spicy, hot brown butter with chili flakes. Of course, I made it immediately. I served it on toasted crostini, sprinkled with fresh basil and alongside some cooling, crunchy cucumbers. It’s SO ADDICTING. It’s all the things you want in texture, flavour and feels like but satisfying. I made it again last night and grabbed a bottle of bubbles to pair with it; the Lunessence Riesling Brut.

So cool to learn that Lunessence became a certified organic vineyard in 2020. This winery is located in Summerland, BC, roughly halfway up the Okanagan Valley. The Bottleneck Drive wine route is one of my favourites and has so many great hidden gems. Give it a try next time you're touring in that area!

Pale golden yellow in the glass with dancing medium sized bubbles, the nose was ripe with apple, grapefruit, lime, honey and hints of walnut. The palate followed through, medium bodied with animated bubbles and bracing citrus flavours complimented by softer, rounder notes of sweet apple, peach, and nuts. Dry with acidity that makes it fun to drink. An approachable, fun wine bringing the liveliness from the Riesling with a pillow of softness from the roughly 15% Pinot Blanc.

Bring it to the table next time you do breakfast for dinner. You won’t be disappointed. Or just bring it to the breakfast table... no judgement here.

Tag @crushfoodandwine on Instagram if you give it a try!




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