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Meet Jessica


I'm Jessica, and I have always been really into food - cooking, baking and exploring new things! I've never been afraid to try new food and love to travel and explore different cultures through their cuisine. I'm no chef, but I love to cook for my family and friends.


This love led to a deep passion for wine as well, something I was fortunate enough to study. I've earned my WSET level 3, Master Sommelier level 1 and completed a Viticulture program in the Okanagan to learn about the art/science of grape growing. I love to slow down and appreciate the layers of flavours in my glass, think about the history of the wine and allow it to take me different places, memories or dreaming or new adventures.

I wanted a space where I could write about wine and food... something dedicated to keeping me learning, tasting, testing and sharing. This is how CRUSH came to be. I try to share recipes I love for you to enjoy with your friends + family, as well as write complete and relatable tasting notes for wines from around the world, and my backyard, British Columbia, Canada. My inspiration comes from those I love and the places I visit, be it different countries or my local farm market and I hope that YOU find some inspiration here.


Hope you enjoy!





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