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Fitz Cremant Sparkling 2018

Fitz Cremant Sparkling 2018

Winery: $24.50

Pinot Blanc is one of those grapes that isn't always allowed to shine up to it's ultimate potential in BC. You don't see a lot of it, though it's likely blended into many of the wines you enjoy already. Pinot Blanc is actually the star of the show when it comes to the sparkling wine, the Cremant d'Alsace from France and it gets it's chance here, at Fitz Family Vineyards.

The Okanagan Valley and the Alsace region in France do share some viticultural similarities. Both are continental regions that run North to South and have a large variety in types of soil. These Pinot Blanc grapes are grown in the Greata Ranch vineyard, located between Summerland and Peachland, about halfway up the Okanagan Valley on the west side. So close to one of my favourite campsites you can almost see the grapes from there! 14 days of fermentation, then 8 months of ageing, all in stainless steel to maintain fresh fruit characteristics. Then they use the traditional method by having the second fermentation in the bottle. The result...

A dry, fruit forward wine that is a brilliantly clear golden yellow. On the nose there's apricot, pear, and Okanagan apple, with undertones of toasty almond and biscuit. Soft, fine bubbles give this wine a truly creamy mousse and luxurious mouthfeel. The palate has anjou pear, peach, golden delicious apple, sweet lemon curd and toasted biscuit with a breath of minerality.

We sat with our feet in the grass and this wine went down beautifully but what I really wanted with it was french fries. Actually, the winery suggests a pairing of fried chicken so now I'm thinking that a great fried chicken sandwich, fries and Parmesan dip would make it a perfect night and a perfect pairing. I have to go order now...





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