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Rieslingfreak No. 8 2018

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Rieslingfreak No. 8 2018

Did you see the tasting notes/blog about the Piagga Carmignano? It's from our recent evening at Nightingale restaurant in Vancouver, and oh my gosh, what a night that was. We ate, we drank, we laughed... it was spectacular. I ordered only one white for the table that night and I had an extremely tough critic to please. Our beautiful friend, Moe, isn't much of a wine drinker but she knows what she likes. What she likes is one wine I ordered a couple years ago at one of our group dinners... one. The Synchromesh Riesling. She has bought that wine, and only that wine since that night. I really wanted to expand her horizons, but also wanted to be sure she would truly enjoy the evening's wine. Enter an Australian Riesling, Rieslingfreak No. 8.

Gold in colour and beautifully balanced, this wine has a lovely viscous mouthfeel with surprisingly low alcohol. The body is medium with medium sweetness, balanced out with bracing acidity (medium+) that adds freshness. Layers of sweet key lime, lemon, tart green apple and pear. There's hints of dry grass and aromatic eucalyptus. Very similar to German Kabinett, this wine delivers an astounding combination of German and Australian Riesling.

Guess what? Moe loved it. Success :)

Riesling is SUCH a versatile food pairing wine that it can go with SO many different foods. Since we were having such a wide variety of foods, it was a good choice with many dishes, but the standout pairings were the baked sweet potato with habanero hot sauce, pickled shallots, chive crème fraîche and bacon, and the Grilled Maui short ribs, ssamjang, cucumber, chili vinaigrette. Two different types of heat and flavour profiles, both working exceptionally well with the balanced sugar and acid in the wine.




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