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Culmina Saignée 2020

Culmina Saignée 2020

Did you know that there are different ways to make rosé? Many producers specifically grow grapes to produce a rosé, pick them at the ripeness for the rosé they're making and press and macerate (let them sit on their skins) all with the rosé in mind. A Saignée is produced slightly differently, or more likely the intention is different although the process is very similar. "Saignée" means "bleeding" in French and essentially, many producers of high end red wines, will make a rosé in this style, by "bleeding" off some the red wine juice after a short maceration. The juice that is bled off is then treated as the rosé, while the remaining juice will be even more concentrated and continue to sit on the skins until it becomes a red wine. Basically it's a really delicious byproduct of the red wine making process.

This Saignée from Culmina is a beautiful representation of this style made with a Bordeaux style blend. Typically a Saignée is much darker in colour that traditional rosé, but this was a beautiful pale rose pink with hints of salmon, the light colour coming from only four hours of skin contact. The wine jumps from the glass with notes of pink grapefruit, blood orange and elegant stony desert rose. The palate has medium- body and brought about memories of sitting in the Italian sun with a Campari on ice. Heavy on the bitter citrus, this dry wine maintained balance and elegance with plum skin, strawberry and white raspberry. Acidity was medium- and the finish was to the tune of citrus, rose and slight traces of sandy minerality.

Serve is up with a mezze platter or some of your favourite tapas because this would pair nicely with a lot savoury little bites.




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