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Cuma Organic Torrontes 2020

Cuma Organic Torrontes 2020

With outdoor gatherings allowed and the Easter long weekend upon us, I went to my local wine store and tried to pick up a few value choices for those coming over on the weekend. I picked up a couple bottles all under the $17 mark and tried to get a few things that were a little off the beaten track. This organic Torrontes was one.

Clear lemon yellow, the nose was SO perfumey. The floral aromas were off the charts; honeysuckle. orange blossom and jasmine were so dominant that it was almost difficult to get fruit on the nose. There were undertones of apple, lime and crisp green pear. The palate was dry and buzzing with light citrus; lemon and lime. The tree fruits continued on the palate with pear, apple and apricot and the finish was full on floral. Moderate acidity kept the wine fresh and interesting.

We enjoyed it with an Easter ham dinner complete with scalloped potatoes and grilled spring asparagus. I would like to give it a go with some curry or spiced Asian dishes as I think the floral would be complimentary without too much acidity adding to the heat on your palate.

Alright purchase for $14.




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