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Casa Santos Lima Mosaico de Portugal

Casa Santos Lima Mosaico de Portugal

Another day, another Portuguese white blend. So shoot me, I like Vinho Verde. Their white wines are fresh, inexpensive, low alcohol and just too damn easy to drink. It's such an easy go to for an every day wine. Maybe I was Portuguese in another life, who knows.

This one fits the bill for classic white blend from the region. Just off dry but with medium to medium + acidity. Light bodied with a hint of effervescence for added freshness, this pale golden yellow blend is full of light citrus like lemon, lime and some sweet and sour tropical fruits like guava and white pineapple. Crisp, clean and to the point.

This is typically a wine I don't really pair with... it's my go-to for when I just want an easy drinking and refreshing wine. But if you're looking for something to pair with this Vinho Verde, I definitely suggest sushi take out. It's such a good summer wine with salads, grilled fish with lemon, and those foods so come winter, I'd get some fantastic tuna sashimi and spinach gomae and dig in with this wine in my glass.

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