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Road 13 ‘Honest John’s’ Rosé 2020

Road 13 ‘Honest John’s’ Rosé 2020

Winery: $23.49

As BC one month marches on and the good April weathe rlingered just a little longer, I grab yet another rosé. This wine is a blend of merlot, gamay noir, viognier and Cabernet franc. The producer is a long time Okanagan favourite, producing a consistently nice lineup of wines. their rosé is an absolute crowd pleaser.

Off dry and a gorgeous magenta colour, this wine is medium + bodied and full of Okanagan red fruit flavour. The nose shows potent strawberry, ripe cherry, watermelon candy, hints of bitter chocolate, fresh cut grass and wet stone. On the palate I’m taken back to high school - our principal carried a bag of jolly ranchers around that she would pass out to any displays of school spirit. “Proud to be a Mariner” and you’d be enjoying a watermelon jolly rancher. The fruit forward watermelon and strawberry notes with the medium acidity felt a lot like that. It isn’t overly sweet, it’s well balanced with undertones that ensure complexity and richness in this wine. I still get notes of bittersweet chocolate, hints of green grass and a mineral finish.

If you’re hungry, I suggest making a plate of nachos. The slight sweetness in the wine would be delish with the heat from the jalapeños, and the body would stand up to the salty, fatty cheese and chips.





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