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Quail’s Gate Dry Riesling 2019

Quail’s Gate Dry Riesling 2019

Winery: $17.99

It’s Riesling Day!!! Does it get any better?! Personally, I don’t think so. There still seems to be some preconceived notions are around Riesling and what to except in your glass. Please don’t assume you’re going to get a sickeningly sweet apple juice like wine... in fact, one of the best things about Riesling is how much it can range! Old world, off-dry petrol-like white, to fruit-forward Okanagan and Washington wines, or even beautiful floral notes in Australian Rieslings. I love, love, love this food friendly varietal and the more you explore it, the more I think you’ll love it too.

This West Kelowna wine is grown on vines in excess of 30 years of age, giving this lemon lime yellow, dry and medium minus bodied wine a beautiful minerality. The nose is full of green notes of apple, underride peach, white grapefruit and lemon, with under stones of slate. The palate gives way to slightly riper fruit - grapefruit, apple, peach, honeysuckle, clover and slate. Imagine sitting in the grass, eating a Granny Smith apple on the first day of a summer rain and smelling the rain hit the nearby sidewalk. This wine can put you there.

Pairing foods with Riesling is so much fun, you can get pretty creative or just enjoy it on its own. The acidity in this wine and green and minerality make me want to just sip it with oily, salty plain kettle cooked potato chips. Or you could try it with a halibut filet, with fennel and leek, or a juicy, whole roasted chicken dinner. Since this particular wine is quite dry with high acidity, just avoid overly spicy foods with it.




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