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Poplar Grove Pinot Gris 2020

Poplar Grove Pinot Gris 2020

Winery: $19.04

How often do you have a wine that you would consider oily? A mouth feel that truly coats your whole palette. Most of the time we think about this with red wines, but white wines can offer that too. In fact, many quality Pinot Gris wines are known for it.

Staying local on this sunny May weekend, we picked up a bottle of the 2020 vintage of Poplar Grove Pinot Gris. 2020 was an interesting vintage, with farms not being left out of the Covid struggle. In this case, the Holler family pruned the entire 60 acres of grapes themselves. A true labour of love.

This Pinot Gris pours a pale gold and brightly reflects the light from all around on this gorgeous May day. The viscosity was almost creamy and the mouthfeel, as I stated above, rich and oily. The nose displayed prominent melon and citrus, like lemon and mandarin orange. A hint of slate and sage gave it a true Okanagan sense of place for me. On the palette it was a medium+ bodied with medium acidity. The stone fruit was exuberant with nectarine, peach and juicy yellow plum. It brought back memories of the yellow plum tree in our backyard growing up, with branches so heavy with yellow plums that they would bend and touch the ground. The finish lingered with it's heavy texture and flavours of mandarin orange and juicy, green honeydew melon.

This wine calls for local cheeses and cured meats assembled beautifully on a board with creamy, avocado-like olives, nuts and crackers.




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