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Mt. Boucherie Riesling 2021

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Mt. Boucherie Riesling 2021

Another camping wine to share today, and this is the Mt. Boucherie Riesling. I made a camp version of a recipe I had been trying, a Thai Basil Chicken Bowl and wanted something that would complement our dinner nicely. Also, this particular camping trip was a little extra special, as my husband had taken our trailer and set it up for us and I went with just my parents and son! It was so lovely having that quality time together. Forest walks, campfires, delicious meals...

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, the Riesling. The point is that my dad LOVES a sweeter wine so I knew I wanted to get something he would really love, in addition to pairing well with my meal.

This Similkameen Valley Riesling from Mt. Boucherie did just the trick. Pale lemon yellow with flecks of gold, this wine is off dry, medium acidity and medium bodied. The nose and palate are consistent with juicy citrus (Meyer lemon and mandarin) with ripe peach and pear and just a little hit of mango. The Similkameen minerality shone through with delightful gravelly notes and even a trademark hint of petrol. I detected just a little green desert sage on the nose too.

The sweetness in the wine contrasted the heat from the Thai chiles in the dish, while the acidity was low enough not to hurt your tongue with the spice. The flavours really complemented the mango, cucumber, ginger and cilantro on the plate. This wine was great with the Thai dish, though personally a little higher acidity would have been nice.

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