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Chaberton Estate Bacchus 2019

Chaberton Bacchus 2019

Winery: $16.95

Every year we go cut down our Christmas tree. I've done it since I was a kid and it's a tradition that I've carried on with my husband and now my son. Might just be my favourite day of the year. And, being 2020, everything looked different this year. Chris had surgery at the end of November and wasn't able to join. So my mom and I took Bowen to the tree farm on a sunny Friday. And of course, the U-Cut was closed. (2020 just can't get it right) So we chose the MOST beautiful (and expensive) tree there and decided to keep it as an afternoon, we would swing by our local winery for a glass of wine and to stock up. It was the responsible thing to do to support the community, you know...

Anyways, we got there for sunset and Bowen ran around the courtyard picnic area and we enjoyed a glass of wine. It was blissful enough that you almost forgot about Covid for that one hour. We couldn't go to Chaberton Winery without picking up the wine that I think they do best... the Bacchus, a long-time favourite in our family.

Bacchus is a very aromatic varietal, a cross of a number of other aromatic varietals (Silvaner x Riesling crossed with Müller-Thurgau). This one is especially vivacious. The colour is beautiful pale gold with flecks of lemon and an almost peach colour, which is interesting given the amount of fresh, ripe peach aromas you get first thing. While these grapes are grown on the estate vineyard in the Fraser Valley, it's aromas give you the feeling of walking through a Keremeos orchard on hot summer day - ripe peach, pear, sweet apple, some floral orchard blossom notes with a hint of fresh citrus. Medium acidity gives this off-dry wine excellent balance and the finish lingers on palate beautifully.

This wine is screaming for a beach side patio for sipping but when it comes to food, one word - curry. Whether it's take out Indian or Thai, or you want to try homemade (see my Peanut Curry with Pineapple recipe) the sweetness, acidity and aromatics will bring out the best in the curry flavours and the heat from the curry will cool nicely on the palate. A match made in heaven... or in this case, Langley.


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