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Bartier Bros. Rosé 2020

Bartier Bros. Rosé 2020

Winery: SOLD OUT

A unique blend of Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer and just a little Merlot, this Rosé is beautiful, soft salmon pink. Highly concentrated fruit, the red fruit aromas leap from the glass with strawberry, cranberry tart rhubarb and ripe, bordering on candied, watermelon. Notes of spring-like white flowers and a sandy minerality complete the profile, giving a good indication of what's to come. The palate embodies all those loveable, BC rosé characteristics: medium acidity, dry and medium bodied, keeping the fruit flavours pronounced. It follows the nose with strawberry-rhubarb, watermelon, red currant, cranberry and citrus, with jasmine flowers and a silty minerality woven into the finish. An outstanding value at $15.99, this wine brings the Okanagan to the table in every way.

Pair with a beautiful, local cheeseboard to see what each cheese and meat can bring out of the wine, or whip up a shrimp scampi pasta as we did. Bright lemon, chili heat, lots of garlic and fresh, sweet BC prawns all tossed together with linguine. The pairing was a righteous one.




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