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Averill Creek Charme de l'Ile

Averill Creek Charme de l'Ile

Winery: $24.00

My husband said Chris, he knows the way to my heart. Gift giving isn’t my love language, but if he travels to Vancouver Island for work, bringing me back a beautiful bottle of local sparkling wine definitely is my love language. And that is just what happened recently… he was working in the Cowichan Valley and picked up this BEAUTIFUL bottle from Averill Creek.

Pale salmon and brilliant clear, the bubbles were fine and plentiful. The charmat method was used for secondary fermentation, which is how the wine becomes a sparkling wine, which preserved the beautiful fruit characteristics of this wine. The nose was wonderfully floral, white flower, like jasmine and orange blossom, with bold citrus: mandarin orange, grapefruit, underripe peach and pear. The mousse was soft and consistent, the body light. the palate held citrus flavours with soft notes of tree fruit and white flower.

Funny how this Island wine ends up being a perfect pairing for seafood. We enjoyed it a quick, garlicky prawn scampi, a big pile of Greek salad loaded with fresh herbs and pita and tzatziki. I would have it again, just like that.





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