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Xadrez Vinho Verde 2019

Xadrez Vinho Verde 2019

Another day, another Vinho Verde. I can't help it! Vinho Verde is a lot of what I'm looking for in a wine for everyday - fresh, easy to drink, low alcohol and high acidity. And this one was no exception. Helps that they are such an insane value.

It's almost clear in the glass, with a lemon-lime hint that gives away that you're drinking something other than water. Like many Portuguese wines of this style, there is a slight effervescent quality that livens up the glass. I smell aromas of granny smith apple, green melon, lime and slate. The palate follows suit exactly with tart green apple, under-ripe pear, grapefruit, lime and stony finish. The acidity makes my mouth water as I write this even a couple days later. The finish is clean and fresh but does not linger.

I'd suggest this wine with sushi as an excellent pairing option but drink with caution if you're piling on the wasabi... the acidity in the wine won't help with that. What the acidity will do though, is stand up well to a salad with a vinaigrette dressing. Maybe a Fattoush salad with toasted pita, tomatoes, cucumbers and a sherry vinegar dressing.


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