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The Hatch R Secco

The Hatch R Secco

Winery: $21.99

It was family day in BC this past weekend and in true motherly fashion, my mom delivered dinner to her whole family. With Covid restrictions we still can’t be together so this was her way of keeping the family close.

My mom is the most incredible cook. My inspiration and love for food and cooking really does come from her. And this dinner was no exception. She spoiled us with an incredible Indian curry made with fresh curry leaves, mustard seeds, fenugreek and chicken. (I sure hope she’ll share the recipe with me one day so I can share it with all of you.) We served it up with rice, naan, yogurt and a cucumber mint salad to cool our palates.

To pair with it I pulled The Hatch’s R Secco off the wine rack. This little treat is from West Kelowna at the Hatcher winery, an eclectic little spot nestled among some of the big names in the Okanagan like Mission Hill. This rose bubble was perfectly clear and a stunning salmon colour. It is predominantly made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. It showed really interesting characteristics from both of the varietals. Dry, with lots of red fruit like cranberry, cherry, strawberry and red licorice notes. What I found really unique was the appearance of an almost raw mushroom flavour in the profile. Just a hint of umami peeking through all that lovely fruit and some light floral and tobacco like flavours that added complexity. The mousse was creamy, with medium acidity and finish lingered moderately.

A really food friendly bubble that was just gorgeous on the table. I guess it's my marketing background that means I have to mention that their label and the art is so distinct and ethereal. A conversation starter for sure. I loved it with our aromatic yellow curry and tandoori chicken. The sharpness and fruit really complimented the array of spices. I will definitely be buying another bottle come summer and raising a glass over some good, traditional BBQ. I want to see what it can do with a sticky, sweet and smoky meal from the grill.


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