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Take It To The Grave Riesling 2020

Take It To The Grave Riesling 2020

Everything Wine: $19.98

A little wander through Everything Wine today without any real agenda... just a time crunch in the sense that I've promised my 19 month old a visit to the playground and since I've run a couple of errands, now I'm living on borrowed time.

Tonight, on a sunny but cool mid-October day, we are having garlic prawns with chili flakes and lemon, roasted potato and carrots and Greek salad. I'm feeling... white... dry... ok, let's go with a Sauvignon Blanc from Australia to switch things up a bit. But as I wander down the aisle, these "Dia de los Muertos" inspired labels catch my eye. A lineup of Take It To The Grave Aussie wines including this Clare Valley Riesling. Perfect for a pre-Halloween sip.

Australia, in particular the Clare Valley in Southern Australia just north of Adelaide, is known for it's world-class Riesling. While the day time summer temperatures are hot, the higher elevation here allows for cooler nights, and the balance in temps develops consistent, steady ripening of the grapes and allowing retention of acidity in the fruit.

The Take It To The Grave Riesling is a pale, clear straw colour with hints of lime green. A perfect introduction to what you'll find in the glass. The nose was youthful, full of fruit like green apple, lime and Asian pear with steely notes and a slight herbal character with moderate intensity. Medium bodied and dry on the palate, the alcohol was well balanced though felt medium low. Fresh green apple, with slightly sweeter pear, lime, grapefruit and floral notes were balanced nicely with a steely, fresh finish that lingered.

The wine paired nicely with our dinner however in the spirit of Halloween, I would suggest potato chips. Specifically, I feel like the sumptuousness of BBQ chips would work well with the fresh citrus flavours and crisp acidity.


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