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Restaurant Experiences Now on Crush Food + Wine

I've decided to add a section to my blog about dining out. One of my husband and I's favourite things to do is dine out... and then discuss every minute detail about our experience. I figure, maybe I should be writing about that here too!

We've had some fantastic meals at the smallest little hole in the wall and highly rated establishments, as well as disappointments across the board. Something that I think is more important than ever, is finding VALUE in what you're experiencing/eating. That's something I'd like to focus on. It's hard to rate a restaurant and compare your local sushi restaurant with a famous chef's brand new hotel location. But if you add up the overall experience and decide if it was worth it for you based on the value, what you paid, then you can start to compare. Because I know my favorite Langley Vietnamese Cuisines would get a 10/10 with food but the service and environment is far below that. But at only $12 for a bowl, it's incredible! But I expect a lot more when paying a great deal more.

Of course, the only thing that really qualifies me as a restaurant reviewer is... my own opinion. Yes, I worked in restaurants, yes, I have a background in wine, but I'm only a critic representing myself. But maybe you'll find some great recommendations here, or the courage to try something new, which would be amazing.

As we know, restaurants are run by REAL people, who put their heart and soul into it. Honestly, I think the hospitality industry is some of the hardest workers on earth, and I have a tremendous respect for them. These reviews are based on my real life experience, at the time I was there. Sometimes we have off days, it's not a science, it's an art. So my words can only speak to time I had at each destination.

Most of the articles will likely be Vancouver, BC based, as that's where I am, but hoping to be able to share experiences from all over the world!

Is there somewhere you'd like me to review? Shoot me a message on to let me know! Also, if there's wine reviews you'd like to see or any topics you want me to discuss on my Instagram (@crushfoodandwine), email or shoot me a DM!

Thanks for following along and sharing my passion.

Cheers and bon appetit!



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