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Mayhem Rosé 2020 - Can

Mayhem Rosé 2020 - Can

Winery: $73.08 (12 pack)

With more and more wines going into cans, this trend is here to stay. The convenience and portion size is just so easy to deal with, and of course, no corkscrew required. We are seeing lots of serious BC wines, ending up in this format and while you do pay a premium, it might just be worthwhile.

I grabbed a couple of these Mayhem wines when they posted that they were “crushable” on Instagram, along with a couple others to give them a try and I'm glad I did. I mean if that’s not a sign I’ll love them, then what is?

This rosé is a beautiful bright peachy pale salmon colour in the glass. It's made with 100% Merlot in a dry, Provençal style. Juicy red berries like small wild strawberries, red currant and raspberry with ripe watermelon and notes of pink bubblegum. Fresh, medium acidity and undertones of ripe red grapefruit and tangy blood orange keep this wine vivacious and the lees contact keeps it elegant.

An outstanding summer rosé that showcases how great a wine can be no matter the packaging. I'd happily bring this camping and enjoy it with a salmon burger or simply on it's own on boat day.




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