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Malfy Gin Con Rosa

Malfy Gin Con Rosa

Yes, this blog focuses on food and wine... But when a cocktail, spirit or anything else of note finds it's way into my glass and I LOVE IT, I still want to share!

This Italian Malfy Gin is the most beautiful pale rose pink. As if the delightful flavours of gin distilled with Juniper berries isn't enough, this one has Sicilian pink grapefruit and rhubarb infused into it as well. The results is a citrusy, tart, vivacious gin that you could sip on it's own but pour it over a full glass of ice and top with a good quality tonic and you're transported from your back patio to a sea-view villa in Palermo. The spritz from the glass could almost be the wind carrying light ocean spray from below, cooling your skin from the hot Sicilian sun. Or this gin is kicking in and I'm WAY overdue for some international travel. Either way, I highly recommend. They go down almost too easy, don't say I didn't warn you.




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