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Clos du Soleil Winemaker's Series Pinot Blanc 2019

Clos Du Soleil Winemaker's Series Pinot Blanc 2019

Winery : $20.90

The Similkameen Valley... if you're not from British Columbia, it may not be an appellation that you've heard of but it's definitely one worth noting. Located south-west from the better known Okanagan Valley, this rugged valley runs east-west along the USA/Canadian border with the Similkameen River running through it .

There are several factors that make the Similkameen so unique to wine growing and give their wines a distinct profile. It's considered high-altitude viticulture so the nights are cool, keeping the acidity in the fruit. But it also gets almost 2 hours a day MORE sunshine than Napa Valley and the south facing mountain faces reflect the sunlight and heat into the valley which ripens the fruit beautifully.

One thing that often stands out to me in Similkameen wines is the incredible minerality. There is a high concentration of calcium carbonate in the glacier deposited soil throughout the valley which can contribute to higher levels of minerality in the flavour profile of the wines. I often find a slaty, gravel like minerality in Similkameen wines, often similar to Rieslings and Chablis from the Old World.

This elegant wine poured a beautiful golden lemon yellow with glints of lime green. The nose is ripe with tree fruit aromas of BC, like apricot, peach and pear. There was some slight grassiness that was quite pleasant and that typical slate-like undertone. This medium bodied wine lived up to it's nose with ripe golden delicious, peach and pear flavours. The slight lees contact contributed to a richer mouthfeel than I am used to with Pinot Blanc. The acidity was fresh and forward and the finish was slightly floral and mineral.

I must say I enjoyed this wine more than most Pinot Blanc, a varietal I often find lacks some lustre (to my taste anyways) so I was extremely pleased with this purchase. We enjoyed it with a Shrimp Scampi Pasta made with good olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, lemon and parsley and it paired beautifully. Highly recommend. Or if you have a nice piece of halibut...

Note: Also available at Everything Wine BC.


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