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Cavaliere D'Oro Prosecco

Cavaliere D'Oro Prosecco

Those days between Christmas and New Years are no man's land. I did a little mid holiday re-stock at Everything Wine the other day and found this on sale so thought we should give it a go.

It's Prosecco, Italian of course, from the Veneto region in North East Italy. Let's just take a second and wish that we were actually there... Venice, in Veneto, is one of my favourite places I have ever been. Sitting on a patio alongside a canal... people watching and sipping Prosecco... that would fix all that ails you. Okay, enough post-covid dreaming, I digress... Prosecco is made almost exclusively from the Glera grape, though up to15% other varietals are allowed. This wine is 100% Glera, grown in limestone soil, and is all the things you like about an everyday Prosecco.

A beautiful, pale straw colour in the glass, this dry sparkling wine was surprisingly floral on the nose. Like in the spring if you're walking under white blossoms or past a beautiful white lilac bush. It continues with clover honey, pear and golden delicious apple. The flavours follow suit, with crisp pear, green apple, honey, floral notes and an old-world minerality. The bubbles were dynamic and lively, as was the acidity.

I think I would definitely pick up another bottle of this when we are having a Sunday brunch or possibly on our next sushi night!


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