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Maria Bonita Loureiro White 2019

BC Liquor Store: $13.99

#inmyglass Vinho Verde... in my humble opinion one of the sorely overlooked wines in BC. But for those that know, it's a go to.

From northern Portugal, #VinhoVerde translates to "green wine", but it's meant in the way of "young wine". These wines are generally released and consumed just months after harvest. No long oak aging or complicated techniques.

Another interesting bit is that it can be white, rosé or red wine, and of no particular varietal. Often though, when speaking of Vinho Verde in BC, people are referring to the slightly effervescent white.

One consistency in the Vinho Verde available in BC = value. I don't believe the BC Liquor Store carries one over a $20 price point. In fact, the majority are closer to $10 so you're welcome for the introduction to your new table wine for summer 2020.

This wine is made with #Loureiro, and surprised me with a slightly richer mouthfeel than I'm used to in a Vinho Verde. The wine was definitely dry and lacked the classic effervescence you often enjoy in this wine. On the nose was apple, apricot and some lovely light floral notes, like orange blossom. The palate followed almost exactly with golden delicious apple, peach and floral notes.

We enjoyed this bottle in the backyard with Greek salad, prawns and potatoes. Paired well with the prawns and potatoes but I can't help but think some Portuguese spiced chicken would be better suited for this wine.

The wine was enjoyable though I likely wouldn't pick this specific bottle again given the array of other options.


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