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La Frenz Viognier 2019

La Frenz Viognier 2019

Winery: $20.78

When we are camping, I could pack up delicious ingredients into tinfoil packages, toss them on the fire or BBQ and let them grill until everything is perfectly done and dinner is served with many dishes to do. One of our favourites is taking flavourful, spicy chorizo or andouille sausage, and piling it up with prawns, potatoes, corn on the cob and onion and garlic, then seasoning with smoked paprika, old bay seasoning and salt and pepper. Basically a seafood boil but in a foil pack! The warm flavours and bit of spice are cooled with a slightly off-dry l, well chilled white wine. In this case, we went with our 2019 La Frenz Viognier and it was a righteous pairing.

Viognier is, nature, a very viscous wine. It coated the glass in its brilliantly clear, golden colour. The nose was heavy with ripe fruit - peach, pear, brown sugar apple pie. Also classic to the varietal is white flowers and they were pronounced with orange blossom and jasmine. The wine hits the palate in every direction. Off dry, high alcohol and medium acidity, the mouthfeel was rich and oily. Floral notes, sweet, dry hay, caramelized peach, baked apple and and flaky pastry notes.

Spicy, smokey seafood and sausage was fantastic, as the richness and sweetness of the Viognier stood up to the strong flavours while supporting the natural sweetness of the shrimp.





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