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Curious Incident Riesling 2019

Curious Incident Riesling 2019

BC Riesling is just an easy drink, a safe choice. Rieslings got a bad rap with many thinking they're overly sweet but they're made in all sorts of styles. They tend to err on the dry side in BC, with the crisp acidity that our cool climate allows for. That being said, the stretch of the Okanagan Valley from North to South and the range in climate from end to end means that the Rieslings can range in style too, from riper, fuller bodied, sweeter wines to icy, vibrant wines.

Clear, light golden yellow, this dry Riesling shows aromas and flavours of citrus, like lemon and lime, but there is enough ripe tree fruit, apple and white peach, to balance out the wine. The finish is lively and fresh.

Riesling is an exceptionally food friendly wine so it went well with our appetizer spread. Particularly with the Lemongrass Chicken Wings and the Crab + Artichoke Dip.

I'd say this BC Riesling is a good price point but I think I'd spend more to get more next time.


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