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I have always, always been into food. As a kid, I'd be baking muffins, helping with dinner, excited about restaurants and as soon as they'd let me, I was trying my parents wine. It was a natural progression to finding a real passion. 

I previously worked in the wine industry and when the pandemic hit, I'd been out of the industry for some time but it felt like the perfect opportunity to start up a little blog to share recipes, experiences and to get back to thoughtfully tasting wine and writing down my notes, not just drinking it.

I hope you find some inspiration here!

culmina saignee.jpg

Mostly I'm cooking for my husband, son and myself but I also love to entertain so you'll find something of a mix here. It's all real food, made with accessible, ingredients. I don't follow any dietary requirements but try to offer suggestions on how to make something nut-free, vegan, vegetarian or dairy-free when I can.

The only requirement for sharing a recipe here is that it's delicious.

A true wine lover, I drink it all. But this is a personal blog, so I drink what I like. You'll probably notice a excess of rosé and sparkling wine... I just tend to pick that up more often that not. But this was also an effort to get outside my comfort zone, taste new wines regularly and hopefully inspire you to do the same. 

I write my notes as I would want to read them, approachable and a personal touch. And of course, always with food pairing suggestions.



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