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Fleur de Mer Rosé 2019

Fleur de Mer Rosé 2019

One of my favourite simple meals is a Nicoise salad with seared Ahi tuna or fresh BC salmon. Typically, salads can be somewhat difficult to pair wine with due to the high acidity in a vinaigrette dressing but I find that this well balanced dish offers some many layers of substance that it can hold up to many wines. Tonight, we go to the source, France - specifically the region of Provence - for a dry rosé. The sweet rare tuna, the oily anchovies, brilliant red tomatoes, crunchy, fresh green beans, savory herbed potatoes and perfectly soft boiled eggs will be complemented beautifully by this wine.

Sometimes, an easy way to pair is to look at geographic location... if the salad is from the area of Nice, chances are wines from the area could pair quite well and this is the perfect example. Another example would be Argentina's steak and Malbec. Of course, I am not a believer in hard and fast rules in the world of wine... best to explore and find what YOU like.

This pale, coral coloured wine was clear, medium bodied and expectedly for this region, dry. On the nose the bouquet spoke of cherry and watermelon candy, Mediterranean lemon, tangerine, savory lemon thyme and lavender. The wine stayed true on the palate with cherry, underripe strawberry, red currant, citrus, thyme and lavender. There was also a slight minerality that came through with a limestone quality that made me think of the sea. Ultimately, with the brilliant acidity, it was a quintessential Provencal rosé.




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