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Esprit Ciel Rosé 2019

Esprit Ciel Rosé 2019

Before anything else, can we take a quick second to appreciate how beautiful this dusk sky with the almost full moon is? I had to photograph a few bottles tonight just to take advantage it! Ok, back to the wine...

This stunningly beautiful rosé is from the Languedoc region in the south of France. This region extends from the Pyrenees mountains in the south all the way to Spain and the Mediterranean Sea is along the East Coast of the region. The diverse landscape and soil types means that there are a variety of grapes and styles produced here. Unlike most regions in France, the Languedoc isn't held to the same growing rules so you have a much larger variety in types of wines coming from the area. It's actually the largest wine producing area in France though is less popular than Provence and neighbouring appellations... but it's an interesting area to explore with all of it's diversity... and good value to be found.

A clear, salmon pink, I got tree fruits initially on the nose: Bartlet pear and apricot with cherry and honey. In fact, the honey and apricot was shining through so strongly that I couldn't get that scene from Notting Hill out of my head where Hugh Grant goes on and on about apricots soaked in honey. Pretty amazing when a wine aroma stirs up something so strongly. On the palate the wine was dry, medium bodied and medium acidity with peach, cherry, dried apricot, fig and cranberry. There was a slight honey note and a toasted sweetness reminiscent of butterscotch as well.

Maybe it's dreaming of the South of France but I'd like to pair this with a Quiche Lorraine and simple salad, or possibly a baked brie with a fig preserve and baguette.


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