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Blue Mountain Brut Rosé 2015

Blue Mountain Brut Rosé 2015

Winery: $39.90

‘Tis the season for BUBBLES!!! My favourite thing so obviously, any season is the season for bubbles but now is the time of year that everyone else is on board too.

When I was a kid, Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner was always served in the formal dining room and as children, we were treated to raspberry gingerale in a champagne flute. We felt so fancy. So when I set out to grab a bottle for Christmas dinner, there was no doubt in my mind I was getting anything other than a dry, rose bubble. I am a fan of Blue Mountain winery in Okanagan Falls and love that they make this wine using the traditional Champagne method, using traditional Champagne grapes. In this case, 65% pinot noir and 35% chardonnay and aging it three years on the lees.

A beautiful, very pale salmon colour, the dried fruit on the nose surprised me. Dried strawberry and cherry seemed to exhibit some age however on the palate the wine was dry and fruit was ripe. Red currant, strawberry, cherry were complemented by the long lees aging process with a light, toasted brioche flavour. The pleasantly bitter orange notes gave it extra Christmas appeal. The bubbles were fine and the mousse was lush and mouth filling... very elegant.

We chose this wine for Christmas dinner this year and so very glad we did. My super sweet mom delivered all her children and her parents a full Christmas dinner this year, being that we couldn't get together. The red fruit and orange notes played well with the orange and cranberry sauce and as is our tradition, my mom's homemade blackberry apple sauce worked well with the turkey and wine too. The dry, elegance of the wine was a fantastic match to all my favourite Christmas dishes. But if you're not buying this during the holiday season, go with a charcuterie, a linguine vongole or even BBQ chicken!


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